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Corporate Milestone

Setting sail (1997-2007): Focus on the local market, regional expansion, efficient operation, begining to shine

  • 1997
    Establishment On 26 December, Zhejiang Zhong An Property Development Co., Ltd., the Group’s predecessor, was established and began construction of various benchmarking projects in Hangzhou
  • 1998
    Business begins Zhong An Garden, our first residential project, establishes a new development model for fully regional closed and garden-style communities
  • 1999
    First landmark project The Guomao Building, our first commercial project, was developed as the core landmark of Xiaoshan City and opened the era of our commercial real estate
  • 2000
    Focus on the local market Guotai Garden, integrated service centres, Yipeng Building Material Market and other projects were developed
  • 2001
    Trans-regional development Entered the Anhui market; built the Huaibei Vancouver City project; awarded the ‘Huangshan Cup’, Anhui Province’s highest architectural award; defined a new model for new urbanisation development
  • 2002
    Pioneering efforts Guotai Garden, the first recognized National Model Residential Development in Hangzhou, was completed which marked the beginning of an era of energy efficient, environment-friendly and hi-tech residential development
  • 2003
    Regional expansion Entered the Hefei market, developed green harbour project and awarded the Gold Medal of National Habitat Architectural and Planning Design
  • 2004
    Shooting the rapids Entered the Shanghai market and established Shanghai Zhong An Property Development Co., Ltd.
  • 2005
    Industrial upgrading Built Highlong Plaza, the first urban complex in Xiaoshan; won Gold Prize for Innovation of Commercial Real Estate in China; established a new model for innovative large-scale commercial real estate complex development
  • 2006
    Efficient operation The company obtained Grade A qualification for real estate development
  • 2007
    Capital support Zhong An Real Estate Limited (00672.HK) was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Growth (2008-16): Resisting risk, accumulating energy, strategic thinking, gathering strength

  • 2008
    Being pragmatic First of several consecutive years as one of China’s Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises
  • 2009
    Service upgrade Zhong’an Service Holding Group was established to define a new business model for community integrated services
  • 2010
    A masterpiece Investment of RMB6 billion to build IOC Hangzhou International Office Centre and define a new business office concept
  • 2011
    Organisational transformation Formed real estate, commerce and service segments
  • 2012
    Showing originality White Horse Palace, the Group’s first mountain villa, was credited as the best residential environment building of the year
  • 2013
    Industry expansion Embarked on new urbanisation development
  • 2014
    Growth based on strength Spun commerce off from the real estate business; established China New City Commercial Development Limited (01321.HK) and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • 2015
    Perfecting business portfolio Invested and operated in multiple industries such as the health, culture, tourism sectors, expanding its coverage, riding the tide of urbanisation
  • 2016
    Management improvement Implemented project partnership investment system to achieve win-win cooperation

Taking off (2017-present): Situational awareness, perfecting business portfolio, capital support, starting a long journey

  • 2017
    Leaping ahead On the 20th anniversary of its establishment, Zhong An’s results for the year reached a record high and opened up a new prospect
  • 2018
    Planning the business portfolio Increased capital operation and investment in smart agriculture and other new industries, further broaden the industrial development process based on human needs

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