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Corporate Strategies

Currently, the Group owns a land bank of about over 8 million square meters, a quantity sufficient to meet the increase demand in next five years. The company will continue to leverage its in-depth understanding of regional economical development trend and expertise in the property market to acquire land in prime locations at relatively low cost and to refine its land portfolio.

While developing residential projects proactively, the company will continue to expand into hotel, commercial and office properties to diversify its product range. By increasing the proportion of investment properties in its portfolio, it aims to achieve stability in future cash flows by establishing a new stream of recurring rental income, while capturing the long-term capital appreciation of those properties.

After more than thirteen years of development, the Group has now established a outstanding brand advantage in Yangtze River Delta Region with a focus on technological innovation, structure integrity, environmental harmony as well as visual appeal. The company will continue to promote its brand and reinforce its established competitive position in the region by focusing on quality and innovation, providing strong after-sale support and property management services.

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